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911 Twin Towers – Love your county know your country! join. Quizizz.com =test 690631 Quizizz.com  Formative test = 058128 Autocad!  Start. Today Lesson http://www.mycadsite.com/tutorials/level_1/introduction-to-drawing-and-modifying-osnsps-AutoCAD-tutorial-1-3.htm   Engineering Advanced Quizizz.com  Test = 672383

How to make a perfect score on your tech Article

Each time you start a New technical article on Friday make sure you start at the top of the page. See example above!  Notice the blue Title has a LINK back to the original article. Choose a topic that uses technology or engineering. Sports can be used when technology is used or incorporated. See the 10

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Quizizz this week! Monday 8/29

Autodesk – Begin drawing of a basic 2D house. Review Fridays work carefully and Finish. Check with Row CEO for questions. Row CEO ask Class President if you get stuck. Go to: join.quizizz.com  Trebuchets quiz put in the following number and take! 672959 join.quizizz.com Engineering Applications SLO  put in the following number and take !  837373


Today Every Day Add the letter of the day that you are here to your shared folder. ie. M_T_W_T_F means you were here everyday ie. M_X_W_X_X means you missed school on Tuesday Thursday and Friday. 2 Tech Articles due today(Two Total) Sign up for the robotics team @ http://team5616.com if you are interested. Finish your

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2 Quizzes for All Engineering Classes

4/13/2016 Quietly Read Chapter 13 Chapter 13 Test All Engineering Classes https://www.quia.com/quiz/5166695.html Practice Test for -US Drone Team Certification Exam https://www.quia.com/quiz/5166695.html    

All Students Sign up for Quizlet!

Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University Survey HERE   https://quizlet.com/help/getting-your-students-signed-up Aviation Join this class https://quizlet.com/class/1555545/ Web 1 Second Period Join this class https://quizlet.com/class/1555575/ Web 1 4th Period Join this Class https://quizlet.com/class/1555700/ Web 2 Join this class https://quizlet.com/class/1555619/ Photoshop Join this class https://quizlet.com/class/1555621/

7th Period photoshop

http://padlet.com/multisport3/1d20sm9aph0g Insert a picture and tell me about your spring break. I need your name, picture, rocket and 20+ words about spring break. 20 points name 30 points your picture 50 points spring break