Today Every Day Add the letter of the day that you are here to your shared folder. ie. M_T_W_T_F means you were here everyday ie. M_X_W_X_X means you missed school on Tuesday Thursday and Friday. 2 Tech Articles due today(Two Total) Sign up for the robotics team @ if you are interested. Finish your

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2 Quizzes for All Engineering Classes

4/13/2016 Quietly Read Chapter 13 Chapter 13 Test All Engineering Classes Practice Test for -US Drone Team Certification Exam    

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Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University Survey HERE Aviation Join this class Web 1 Second Period Join this class Web 1 4th Period Join this Class Web 2 Join this class Photoshop Join this class

7th Period photoshop Insert a picture and tell me about your spring break. I need your name, picture, rocket and 20+ words about spring break. 20 points name 30 points your picture 50 points spring break

4th PERIOD CLASS TODAY Tuesday March 3 Review from yesterday Google Map Fav Icon Goals Objectives 1. Load 4 main tabs. Gmail, Google Docs,, Cpanel, 2. Quick Overview of Google Docs 3. Take Survey(example mine) 4. AW Stats 5. Learn how to interpret Data using AWStats from the servers and drive more traffic to your site. 6. Make a Google

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Thur Friday Assignment 2/11/2015 1st Aviation 2nd Web 1 3rd Web 2 Spear 4th Web 1 5th plan 6th duty web page 7th Digital Design 1 Thursday and Friday Aviation Draw Drone in 3D Web 1 Make sure you have 19 tech articles! Web redesign project Pretend that you are the designer on hire!!!! You

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