1st week of school Do List!

Week 2 Work ** Make sure you always go to the Engineering tab from here Out!

  1. All students should have a gmail account with a shared folder.
  2. Students should have a document called 1st DAY inside their student folders that we have worked on the 1st 3 days!
  3. The document should be titled as show on the board in case you were absent
  4. The first paragraph should have 5+ sentences on their “Summer” with a picture
  5. The second paragraph should be titled “What I want to become” It should have 5+ sentences and a pictures of someone in that profession or picture that reflects that choice.
  6. The second paragraph should have an additional 3 points telling what the responsibilities of that profession
  7. Take the following exam  as many times as possible to make the highest score possible
    Put in your Period #_Last_name 1st name when you take the test or no credit will be given
    example  04_Mcsheehy_sean_ninja   (note 04 would mean 4th period)
  1. https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/59931d408356341100caf08c/history-of-engineering
  1. Start  tech articles today using these directions:
    Tech Articles How to! 


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