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1st week of school Do List!

Week 2 Work ** Make sure you always go to the Engineering tab from here Out!

  1. All students should have a gmail account with a shared folder.
  2. Students should have a document called 1st DAY inside their student folders that we have worked on the 1st 3 days!
  3. The document should be titled as show on the board in case you were absent
  4. The first paragraph should have 5+ sentences on their “Summer” with a picture
  5. The second paragraph should be titled “What I want to become” It should have 5+ sentences and a pictures of someone in that profession or picture that reflects that choice.
  6. The second paragraph should have an additional 3 points telling what the responsibilities of that profession
  7. Take the following exam  as many times as possible to make the highest score possible
    Put in your Period #_Last_name 1st name when you take the test or no credit will be given
    example  04_Mcsheehy_sean_ninja   (note 04 would mean 4th period)
  1. Start  tech articles today using these directions:
    Tech Articles How to! 


How to make a perfect score on your- Tech Articles!!!



Read the following carefully!


Each time you start a New technical article on Friday(or before) make sure you start at the top of the page.
See example above!  Notice the blue Title has a LINK back to the original article. Choose a topic that uses technology or engineering. Sports can be used when technology is used or incorporated. See the 10 points below to help you!
PUT THE ARTICLE IN YOUR OWN WORDS!! You can copy and paste a few paragraphs of source but make sure
you identify it as source!

SOURCE ***********************************************************************************************************
It’s been long rumored the next-generation iPhone could be partially waterproof — and a newly published Apple patent just added potential credibility to those claims. The company was recently granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office that hints at its possible plans for waterproof or water-resistant gadgets. The patent highlights editing tools that could be used for underwater photography to ensure those scenes don’t have “undesirable tints”. This means underwater pictures could stay vivid and maintain a blue water hue. While many Apple patents reference concepts that don’t ever see the light of day, this is its latest in a string that demonstrates it is keen to develop gadgets like iPhones that can be used underwater.


My words

Tech Articles*********


HOW to do this!

  1. Find a current technical article at
    B. The Verge
    C. Other credible sources
  2. Open your gmail and the google Drive
  3. Start a new document called Tech Articles Main
  4. Go to 10 steps bellow and make sure you do each of the steps!!
  5. Do the best you can and at least find an article and rewrite it in your own words and then
    I will answer any questions when I return!

MUST BE CURRENT!  The follow 10 STEPSmust be in the article!!!
1. Write the Title/DATE The title can be Copied exactly!!
2. The blue in the sample is a Link Back using the Title
3. Minimum of 50 words
5. Must have a picture.
6. Number the Article (BIG number)
7. Put them in a Google Doc called
Period_YOUR LastName_FirstName_TechArticles
8. Put the most recent at the top
9. Make sure you put the tech article file in your Student  folder  2018_0?_last name_first name etc
10. Tech articles are due each Friday. They must be current!! LOOK AT THE SAMPLE!!!



Every Day Add the letter of the day that you are here to your shared folder.
ie. M_T_W_T_F means you were here everyday
ie. M_X_W_X_X means you missed school on Tuesday Thursday and Friday.

2 Tech Articles due today(Two Total)

Sign up for the robotics team @ if you are interested.
Finish your Car!
GoTO HTTP:// and put in the number 035069 Take this please!

Make another Document with your life Goals.
Call the doc LifeGoals_Your Name

Copy and Paste these questions into your Google LifeGoals_Your Name

1. What do you want to become?
2. What do they do?
3. Why?
4. What is your favorite food?
5. What things would you like to accomplish before the year is over?

All Students Sign up for Quizlet!

Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University Survey HERE

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