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Favicon scripts

The favicon

  favicon.ico  –  The favicon file (supports both 16*16 and 32*32 dimensions).

    You can add a favicon to your web page by uploading favicon.ico to your
    website and inserting the following HTML tag inside the …
    section of your web page.


    Optional: if you would like to display the animated favicon, upload
    animated_favicon1.gif as well and insert the following HTML tags.


    If you would like to test the favicon after updating your web page, the
    Favicon Validator can check the favicon files and tags on your website.
* Other extra files in this package

  The following files are included for your convenience. You don’t have to
  upload or do anything else with these optional files.

    preview_16x16.png  –  16*16 PNG image file of the favicon.
    animated_favicon1.gif  –  Animated version of the favicon.
    ReadMe.txt  –  This quick reference.
* More information

  If you have any questions, more information and tech support is available at:
  Thank you for using FavIcon from Pics.