EOC Final

2nd and 4th  Period EOC practice

1.Copy your slide show address from the share button

2 On the link below with YOUR period highlight your name

3. Hit the Control K Button

4. Hit Control V to paste the slide show address into your name as  a LINK

5. Hit enter to finish the command.

Loss of points for not doing this or not taking your time!


1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period

4th Period

5th Period



4th period only

2nd  Period and 4th Period
EOC Practice Tests

EOC Practice Test 1

EOC Practice Test 2

EOC Practice Test 3


Slide Show Portfolio    

Guide and Rubric in link above!
Ask your students to join game with this code at

Engineering Bridge

The following contests referenced from:





Popsicle stick bridge

Each team must design and construct a popsicle stick bridge. The bridge must rise a minimum height and span a gap between two tabletops. The bridge will be weighed and then tested to see how much weight it will support.

The winning design is the one that has the highest ratio of supported weight to bridge weight.


Egg drop vehicle

Each team must design and construct an egg drop vehicle. The vehicle must carry a raw egg safely to the ground. The vehicle will be dropped out the first floor window of the high school. If the egg survives the drop, the vehicle will be dropped again from the second floor window. If it survives, it is dropped again, etc. If the egg survives a drop from the fourth floor, then we will break open the egg to make sure it isn’t hard-boiled.

The winning design is the one that survives the highest drop.


Mousetrap car

Each team must design and construct a mousetrap car. The car will be a simple vehicle powered by a mousetrap spring. The car will be started by pulling back the spring and then releasing it from the starting line. The total distance that the vehicle travels will be recorded.

The winning car will be the car that travels farthest.

Bridge Builder User Guide

Autocad Pratice tests

 Bridge Design Software!

All students and classes work on

TEST 3 Training  in Autocad! Keep working until you are finished!


Forces of flight!

035401  <<—- 4th period





quick survey!

Rocket quiz Forces of flight






Excited about today.. Class starter.. This is a “Musk” watch for Entrepreneurs and Engineers! Focus on Elon Musk … What do you think is the most important thing Elon said and why?
Paul Hsu Where you told that you could not achieve what you set out to do? We are sharing some great stories with our students.


1st Grade
Ask your students to join game with this code at
2nd Grade
Update new code in Gmetrix
******Temperature and Humidity project!*******
Record and upload to youtube when finished!
Display is hooked up the same as we did for Sonic motion Detector
 Arduino Project for Monday!
1ST Sonic Sensor

2nd Sonic Sensor

You must have a video of both projects! Include video of your team to prove it is your project.
Great job!
Put in full name!

Engineering Share Folder

Go to..
 Wave Quiz! #1  GAME CODE 843252 Late Code 563885
Tuesday  Electrical #2 GAME CODE 062204 Late Code 492643
Wednesday  Electrical Circuits #3  GAME CODE 715729 Late Code 590028
Thursday  Electrical Safety #4   GAME CODE  971604 Late Code 050016

READ carefully and DO ALL!

ALL classes  sign up for Khan Academy
Go to Http:// and sign up.
Then click on your Name in the top right hand corner of the web page!
Click on Profile and then look for Coaches on the Ribbon! Add Sean McSheehy or @EngineerNinja
OR click HERE    and add then click on coach!
and then ADD Sean McSheehy@EngineerNinja 
You will get a big grade for this.. so do not skip it!

Then do the following courses! I will be looking!

200 KIT Directions

This is project 3!

KIT Order!


OHMs Law



Friday October 27th
All 5 Quizz’s due (See Wednesday)  ***NO MAKE UP***
Tech article #7 is due
Drawing of your Car is Due.
Draw and Dimension your house-The one you live in. Its should be 2d Ariel view. Dimensions/Name etc
Email me @ if you have questions.

1. 214225 Forces and Motion
2. 294722 Cyber Security
3. 713266 Genetic Engineering
4. 958907 Class Rules
5. 319157 Engineering Vocab.

All Classes:


Take the following Quizzes: 

055738 Measurements CAD
747018  Electrical Engineering
726660 or 887634 Programing
 this code at
6 Tech Articles will due Thursday!!

******************************************** 1st and 3rd Period ONLY + Above

Engineering 1
1st Period
3rd Period
Your Portfolio should include:

2 Tries at Training 1
2 Scores on Training 2
1 practice test for both TESTS
********************************************   2nd and 4th Period ONLY + Above

Intro to Engineering Tech Studies
2nd Period
4th Period
Read Chapter 3 and take test in Aviation BOOK Tuesday
Read Chapter 4 and take test in Aviation BOOK  Wednesday
Work on programming and competition do all the above in all Class assignments.

NEW 9 WEEKS!!! Yippy Skippy!


Ask your students to join game with this code at
414217  Dangers of Social Media
841111   Computer Trouble Shooting



Aviation quiz


Due this week

  1. 3 Tech Articles
  2. Gmetrix Practice test 1 ( I will take the highest score)
  3. Car drawing. Dimensioned with name
  4. Print your best score and put it in the class basket for Gmetrix Autodesk.

********Second Period and Fourth Period ***********
Join Class TXM688 @
Aviation Book Go to:

Book for 2nd Period and 4th Period


467310 Engineering / Not Engineering
Ask your students to join game with this code at

Tech Articles and Set up!

Tech Articles*********
1. Title/DATE
2. Link Back
3. Minimum of 50 words
5. Must have a picture.
6. Number the Article (BIG number) and list them in reverse order.
7. Put them in a Google Doc called
8. Put the most recent at the top
9. Make sure you put the tech article file in your Collections folder!
10. A tech article will be due each Friday!
The following site is an example of a place you can find a technical topic to write on:

Tech Article #2

Apple patent hints future iPhones could be waterproof

With advances in technology becoming more and more great as the years go bye, Apple Inc. has decided to make the new iPhones, partially, waterproof. In late 2015 Apple got the patent for “protective barrier” designed to cover non-waterproof ports on the phone, allowing the phone to be one step closer to being waterproof. The main goal for Apple making the next generation of iPhones waterproof is allowing the customer to be able to take perfectly color-balanced pictures underwater. iPhones are already behind on the national trend that is “waterproof”, it would not be surprising if the next generation had some kind of waterproof capability.



Tech Article #1

Paralyzed patients regain muscle control with the help of virtual reality

Duke University conducted The Walk Again Project being lead in São Paulo, Brazil. The Walk Again project is conducting paralysis experiments on people who haven’t walked for many years. The patients who undergo Dr. Miguel Nicolelis’ research are placed in a sensory awareness suit, allowing them to feel the environment around them as they are in VR. “If you don’t provide a sense of touch, then you don’t create a sense of reality” (Dr. Miguel Nicolelis). These small interactions with VR have lead to surviving nerves being awakened, the connection between brain and nerves alive. Their research has been underway for 23 months and hopefully more to come.



We have 4 drawings already!
1. Make sure you export them all as a PDF.
2. Place them in your student file***
3. Name them
Drawing1_Hologram_Your Name  Should be scaled as I noted
Drawing2 Bike_Your Name Should be scaled as I noted
Drawing3 Car_Your Name
Drawing4 Rocket_Your Name
Put them in your MAIN folder and not a SUBfolder.

4. All drawings should be scaled and dimensioned as stated.
5. All drawings should have your Name Period and Title above the drawing.

One of your Bike drawing should be signed by your parents and returned.
6. Make sure you have a account and have Signed up for one.
You should sign in to take Quizziz As follows:
You will have to do the test over if you did not put your name in correctly to receive credit.

Energy Quizz


Happy Friday Sept. 1st


Continue taking practice test 2014 Practice 1 and Practice 2
Draw a Car using Autocad. You can free style this! Have a good weekend.


  1. Go to and, if necessary, create a user account by clicking on “Sign up now.”
  2. Once registered, log in to
  3. Redeem the access code  “01261-GMXACU1-17652″ by entering it into the “Enter Access Code” field or by clicking on “Redeem Code” at the top-right corner of the window.
  4. Click “Go” next to the access code and select the desired test from the dropdown menus.

If you have any questions regarding your license, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Monday 8/28

1. Study:
2. The take :936207 Dimensions Autocad at
3. Draw the following bike using the steps below:

  1. Make the Wheels 3 inches then use offset of .25 inches More!
  2. Make 18 spokes using Polar Array
  3. Make the wheels 12 inches appart
  4.  Make the crank Circle 1 inch and offset .1 inches More
  5. Put the crank circle 6 inches away from back tire
  6. Fee lance the rest! =)


Click on the LINK below and put your First and Last name in your seat and your student number.


Monday Eclipse Quizz!


Newtons Law Review

**Important – When taking a test put your name in as follows: Period_LastName_FirstName.

1st Period  would be 1_Walker_Joe

2nd Period would be 2_Walker_Joe





Tuesday The History Of Engineering
Go to


Mr. Mac
ClassLink Passwords
Summer Overview
Go to
Put in the following:


Class Link
Folders Create

Create a Folder and Name using the following format:
1_2017_student#_LastName_First Name
The first number on the folder is the period so Second Periods would look like:
2_2017_student#_LastName_First Name

Once you create the folder then share the folder with Mr. McSheehy (Mr. Mac)
Share with both emails: and



Intro about Summer Time.
Label the document LastName_firstname_Summer 2017
1. Summer Time –  1 Paragraph/7 Sentence Minimum/2 pictures PUT A PICTURE OF YOU AT THE TOP!
2. What do you want to be when you grow up? 1 paragraph/7 sentence min./1 Picture (Tell me what that profession does)
3. What are your goals for this year?  List 5 goals
4. What is your favorite Food? Picture
5. Load  Autocad 2018 and See Intro!

Autocad Practice Test

EOC Practice Test

Thursday Friday  *****Part 1 and 2

Part 1
Study Sets – Make sure you are logged in to your account.
You will have to do them again if you are not logged in. No exceptions.

Go to  Do the activities as follows:

Know your Drones
Drone Law
Engineering 5/11


Part 2
Put all your project slides and pictures into Google Presentations.
Once finished put to video and must have music.



Practice Test


Make sure you are registered for Certiport and can load the testing software.Register Here
Make sure that you have a testing shortcut on your desktop!


If the testing center does not load correctly then you will need to take the following steps:
Once registered make sue ALL of the steps work as shown here:
You should have a short cut on your desktop that says Certiport Testing Short Cut. If you do not have this then I will come help you add the short cut to your desktop.

Trouble Shooting:

Required Software

Certiport Browser Lockdown 3 – (requires login)

Pop-up blockers including Google, Yahoo, and other Internet Explorer-installed blockers and automatic updates

Pop-up blocking settings from all sources should be disabled during testing. Automatic software updates including Windows updates should be turned off or set to not occur during testing.


current version

Adobe Flash Player

current version

Adobe Flash
Player Plugin

version 13

Adobe Reader

current version

.NET Framework

Both .NET 3.5
(download here)
and .NET 4.0
(download here)
are required.

Note: It is recommended you install the .NET Framework
before installing Browser Lockdown.

Engineering Classes

Take practice test. Print Certificate and turn in with your name on it.

Check Answers here:


Sign up @Quizlett

*****Make sure you join the right class:***







Engineering Study Set. Need test on file!

Light Quiz! 060938 Due today  4/6
Energy Quiz 382590 Due Yesterday 4/5

******************Read both references BELOW!!! ********************.

HOLOGRAM Refrence 1
Hologram Reference 2 

1. Draw Hologram on Graph paper (See board for sample but read links above first)
A. Should have all 4 sides on graph paper  50 Points
B. Name and Period written on paper on Paper and Period   10 Points
C. Favorite Food/Future Career written on it  10 Points
D. Take picture of graph paper and put in your Project folder

Build Hologram 50 points
Take pictures and video and put in your project folder 50 Points




Class Codes for Kahn Academie
1st period 2ZWRXQ
2nd period MJZY9A
3rd Period 8WWNF5
4th Period B2YD4H
5th Period R4JRMQ

**** HOW to join your class*****
How to join your teacher’s Khan
Academy class
Sign up at
(or log in if you already have an account).
(the “Coaches” tab in your profile).
In the “Add a coach” field, enter the class code.
Class code: _______________
You’re set. Now click Home to start learning!



Work Hard on the following 2 courses!

3/22 to 3-24

This week!
Kahn Academie
Missed a test? Last day for partial credit.
1. Model Rockets 727493
2. Rocket Vocab 108738
3. Autocad 2/28   189087
4. Flight FL6.2    857744
5. How Rockets Fly  631638
 ** Important!!!
When you take your quiz. You put your name in as follows:
1JoeTaylor     1 = the period
if you Joe is in 4th period it would be
4JoeTaylor   .. No spaces etc!
Minus 10 points for not getting this right! =)
1. Make sure all your tests are in!
2. Make sure all your tech articles are in!
3. Do the following:
Kahn Academy!
Get your Current badge!
4. Study for Autocad Certification!
Prep.. Books, ball balloon.  Draw balloon drawing. set up fan, set up projector
National Science Education Standards (NSTA)
Science as Inquiry
• Skills necessary to become independent inquirers about the natural world
Physical Science
• Position and motion of objects
• Motions and forces
• Properties of objects and materials
Thursday March 2nd
Recognize the four basic forces operating on any object moving
through air.
• Describe and demonstrate the effects of relative wind and lift on
objects moving through air.
• Describe and demonstrate the effects of drag and gravity on
objects on objects moving through air.
• Describe and compare friction drag and pressure drag.
• Record experiences and ideas in student journal.
1. Pre BELL ringer …. JOIN LINK  115159  Basic forces review
Open the following tabs:
2. Open your Personal Engineering Notebook in Google Docs
3. Open up your team document
4. Open the Estes rocket book Here
A. Balloon Example/..  ** Teacher
B. What if the balloon went toward space?4.5  Record what you think.. no right or wrong answers here…
5. Read page 16 Newtons 1st law
Discuss Newtons 1st  law with your group and give and examples in your team document of Newtons 1st law
Then give an example of how it applies to your rocket.
Book at rest(Static)
Ball Example
rocket example
C. T*** Tail light example
 Newtons second Law
7. Ball Drop example ?
D. Momentum/Acceleration
8. Throw a ball up?Momentum
F = MA
E. ****Nat hits a train?
F. What if there was no gravity?
g. Fan examplesExtra
Have your team indicate what parts of the rocket produce friction or drag and record in your team document
What impact does gravity have on your rocket?
What happens when your rocket approaches space in relation to gravity?

T*** Captains check show me documents

 1. Post Test …. JOIN LINK  115159
 Work on Collectors Card and Tech Articles for Friday..
Recognize the four basic forces operating on any object moving
through air.
• Describe and demonstrate the effects of relative wind and lift on
objects moving through air.
• Describe and demonstrate the effects of drag and gravity on
objects on objects moving through air.
• Describe and compare friction drag and pressure drag.
• Recognize and use vocabulary related to rocket flight.
• Record experiences and ideas in student journal.
Autocad 2/28   189087
108738  Rockets 3 **VOCAB** NEW Thursday  – 108738 Rockets 2  ** Model Rockets**   NEW code..  202132 (2/27)  Rockets 1 **How Rockets Fly**  – Part 1 – 567992

Old Code Rockets 2  269789


Model Rockets

Space Exploration merit badge requirements

  1. Tell the purpose of space exploration and include the following:
    a. Historical reasons
    b. Immediate goals in terms of specific knowledge
    c. Benefits related to Earth resources, technology, and new products.
    d. International relations and cooperation
  2. Design a collector’s card, with a picture on the front and information on the back, about your favorite space pioneer. Share your card and discuss four other space pioneers with Mr. Mac
  3. Build, launch, and recover a model rocket.[1] Make a second launch to accomplish a specific objective. (Rocket must be built to meet the safety code of the National Association of Rocketry. See the “Model Rocketry” chapter of the Space Exploration merit badge pamphlet.) Identify and explain the following rocket parts:
    a. Body tube
    b. Engine mount
    c. Fins
    d. Igniter
    e. Launch lug
    f. Nose cone
    g. Payload
    h. Recovery system
    i. Rocket engine
  4. Discuss and demonstrate each of the following:
    a. The law of action-reaction.
    b. How rocket engines work
    c. How satellites stay in orbit
    d. How satellite pictures of Earth and pictures of other planets are made and transmitted.
  5. Do TWO of the following:
    a. Discuss with Mr. Mack a robotic space exploration mission and a historic crewed mission. Tell about each mission’s major discoveries, its importance, and what was learned from it about the planets, moons, or regions of space explored.
    b. Using magazine photographs, news clippings, and electronic articles (such as from the Internet), make a scrapbook about a current planetary mission.
    c. Design a robotic mission to another planet or moon that will return samples of its surface to Earth. Name the planet or moon your spacecraft will visit. Show how your design will cope with the conditions of the planet’s or moon’s environment.
  6. Describe the purpose and operation of ONE of the following:
    a. Space shuttle or any other crewed orbital vehicle, whether government owned (U.S. or foreign) or commercial
    b. International Space Station
  7. Design in Autocad an inhabited base located within our solar system, such as Titan, asteroids, or other locations that humans might want to explore in person. Make drawings or a model of your base. In your design, consider and plan for the following:
    a. Source of energy
    b. How it will be constructed
    c. Life-support system
    d. Purpose and function
  8. Write in your Google Doc two possible careers in space exploration that interest you. Find out the qualifications, education, and preparation required and discuss the major responsibilities of those positions.

Friday January 13th
17 Tech Articles Due Today!!
4 Practice Tests due to today!!

*******Welcome Back Second Semester! ***********  January 4th Wednesday


Field Trip Form

Class Presidents Read the following over PA to class:
Robotics meeting tomorrow!

We have a lot to DO!!
Make a document called 2017

In this document insert 2 pictures that can include any or a combination of the following:
1. Things you received
2. Places you went
3. Things you did

Insert a 3rd picture that has you or your profile etc.

Take    Game Code 787366


All Classes except 5th Take  Autocad Practice Test
Sign Up @
se a code from here

Take Autocad 2014 Practice Test number 1



5th Period Take Autodesk Inventor Practice Tests

Finish Mag Lev Cars Wednesday and Thursday if everything is finished from previous Action Items !
Qualifying Races start on Friday!!

******* Semester Exam Practice Tests ***********

Half your Exam –
1. Pictures of your car with your name/period on the wood/foam sections
2. Video of your car going down the track with you in the video with an intro to your car and your car name.

2nd Period and 4th TECH STUDIES ONLY Period

1st and 3rd    Intro to Engineering  012874   JOIN LINK

5th Period Exam Practice Test

Phone Apps Buiid your own

Welcome Back
Its Cyber Monday!


Take the following Quizz: 247657
Work on Tech Articles
Finish My GetReady to work!

 5th Period take the following Quizz. Work on Tech Articles and finish My Get Ready to work!
Ohm’s Law!  701818

Assignment for 10/10
3d Solids Quick Review 504049

Finish  My Florida Get Ready to Work Click on the link Below  Due Friday


The Engineering Design Process Test   306336
9 Weeks Exam 488727


Periods 1-4
9 Weeks Exam Practice
Quizizz   665079Continue My Florida Get Ready to Work!!


5th Period
Study Guide


Monday10/3    Aviation!!!! Engineering  457776
Friday Quiz!!


Start tech article number 7
Take the following Quizizz

Keep taking until you master the information!
Start your MIT course in electrical engineering!! Do as much as you can!
3D printing. You can change the world!
Make a google doc titled:
1. “My Awesome Drone_ your name”
2. Pick a drone project on
3. Pick a personal project on
4. Title the drone project like a tech article BIG and bold with description (40 word min)
5. Title the personal project like a tech article BIG and bold with description (40 word min)
6. Make sure you post a picture for both projects. (like your tech articles)
7. Put a link back to the project on your title (like your tech articles)
7. Download the thingi files to your folder and your jump drive if you have one.
8. Start Maker bot software. Lay out your project on the maker bot platform.
9. Save in Makerbot format and save to you folder and your jumpdrive if you have one.
10. In autocad modify 1 of your projects that you downloaded from Measurement   Monday  124177
EOC practice exam for a Grade
All Articles Due
Song is Due
How to make end of year video:
35 Tech Articles Due Friday. I have been giving everyone ample time now that Rocket builds are over.  If you do not take a test on the day assigned  then it will be a FAVOR to you if I ever put this grade in.  Some of you do assignments after receiving a POOR score and then decide to work. This is not how it works. If you use a cute alias name like OBE1CANOBE  then do not wonder why you have a 0. Use your full name and period. IE  1st_Sean_McSheehy or 1st_Sean_McSheehy_OBE1CANOBE.
The majority of my test or Formative Tests. It is for learning purposes. It also means you can keep taking the quiz/test until you have a perfect score..****READ and TAKE Chapter 17 Test today. a RAP or song that has 20 lines.. You will present to the class your best 10 lines or ALL 20 bars!!
The topic of the RAP must be flight/engineering (drones, planes, robots etc)You must have a law or principle in it that is explained in the RAP or Song.
Must have 20 bars
Should have  an order, rhythm , flow.
This flow or syntax you create must be EXPLAINED.. ie. eminem style
and then EXPLAIN why you like this style.
Read and watch the following:
See the following video for homework. wrote the following from this lesson.
I can write bars with a double word beat.
Triple trouble, its absurd , can you feel the heat.What is the syntax?I have a new Karoke system with Mic that you will get to use. You can get someone else to sing your rap but you must
produce a video that YOU have some part in if you do not do a live solo presentation.**Notice that this project and the final CAP stone project can be done together with creativity and Hard work. You should have
a rough draft of your bars on Monday for me to check and 35 tech articles and your ALL of your tests on file.
FINAL Project..
End of the year capstone. Make a video that has all of your projects in it. Should be at least 1 minute.
Should have pic of your Pyramid, circuits, rockets, maglift etc. You can take a picture a chapter page that you like.
Explain the principle on this page you focused on.
Put your ten bars or 20 bar rap in the video..


Chapter 16 Quiz Aviation

5/4 Quizzizzz
368896  Class rules
951654  Boom to Bust



Quizzes you must take.
Tech Articles  237982
WW2   961587
Bernoulli 250988
1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 5-digit game code 961587, and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!


1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 5-digit game code 67412, and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

NEW CODE 082692



Engineering I

Engineering II ONLY
Images for Tests

Engineering Process Test

Read the following quietly.

Take the following practice exam when finished.

Above the preparation to being certified in UAV @ choctaw.

How to make microphone



Aviation Class Code Quia FFP383v

Monday 11/16

Make sure you have 13 tech articles!!
Make sure you have taken the following test:

If you forgot your quia log in to take the above test then you will need to make another account using the code at the very top of this page.
No entry to the hanger
Read Electronic Safety

Answer the following questions in your Engineering Notebook:


  1. What causes a short circuit? Why is a short circuit dangerous?
  2. Identify an electric safety feature and explain how it works.
  3. Create an illustrated poster to share electric safety rules with other people your age. Include at least three safety rules in your poster.


Tuesday 11/17

Answer in Engineering Notebook


  1. What is an electric field?
  2. Create a sketch showing how the electric fields of two negatively charged particles interact.

Sign up for the above class! 


1. Identify the need or problem

2. Research the need or problem and three dimensions • Examine current state of the issue and current solutions.

3. Develop possible solutions • Brainstorm possible solutions

4. Select the best possible solution(s) Discuss societal impact and trade-offs of • Determine which solution(s) best meet(s) the solutions the original requirements

5. Construct a prototype • Model the selected solution(s) in two

6. Test and evaluate the solution(s) • Explore other options via the internet, Does it work library, interviews, etc. Does it meet the original design constraints

7. Communicate the solution(s) • Draw on mathematics and science Make an engineering presentation that • Articulate the possible solutions in two includes a discussion of how the solution(s) and three dimensions best meet(s) the needs of the initial problem, opportunity, or need.

8. Redesign • Overhaul the solution(s) based on information gathered during the tests and presentation



Engineering 9 weeks Exam



September 30
7 tech articles due
Finish Engineering lessons
Make sure all pictures of projects are in your folder
Flight Sim when you are done!

Engineering Short Book   <–download to your folder.

Answer questions!


Please read quitely, review and study  the following activity and bring an empty bottle cap and an old CD. I will supply everything else!


Answer the following in a document called Engineering Notebook!
What happens when you roll an object across the ground over grass vs. the sidewalk.
How can two surfaces have no friction between them?


Monday 9/14

Read the first 20 pages above! Know the questions on page 10. Catch up on tech articles! You should have Four!
Flight swim if all work is complete.



It is important for all engineering students to know basic aerodynamics!
We will be brushing through some of the chapters since Aerospace Engineering is a hot topic and a very lucrative career.  Some of you have had these basics so you can skim and take a quick practice exam below. Take it again if necessary.

Intro to flight Chapter 1 Read quietly!
Take practice Quiz

If finished:
There is some fantastic engineering challenges at the link below:

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