How to make a perfect score on your tech Article


Each time you start a New technical article on Friday make sure you start at the top of the page.
See example above!  Notice the blue Title has a LINK back to the original article. Choose a topic that uses technology or engineering. Sports can be used when technology is used or incorporated. See the 10 points below to help you!
PUT THE ARTICLE IN YOUR OWN WORDS!! You can copy and paste a few paragraphs of source but make sure
you identify it as source!

SOURCE ***********************************************************************************************************
It’s been long rumored the next-generation iPhone could be partially waterproof — and a newly published Apple patent just added potential credibility to those claims. The company was recently granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office that hints at its possible plans for waterproof or water-resistant gadgets. The patent highlights editing tools that could be used for underwater photography to ensure those scenes don’t have “undesirable tints”. This means underwater pictures could stay vivid and maintain a blue water hue. While many Apple patents reference concepts that don’t ever see the light of day, this is its latest in a string that demonstrates it is keen to develop gadgets like iPhones that can be used underwater.


My words

Tech Articles*********

1. Title/DATE
2. Link Back
3. Minimum of 50 words
5. Must have a picture.
6. Number the Article (BIG number)
7. Put them in a Google Doc called
Period_YOUR LastName_FirstName_TechArticles
8. Put the most recent at the top
9. Make sure you put the tech article file in your Collections folder!
10. A tech article will be d

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