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**********************************************************  Test 1


Register for the CIW final at the link below. IMPORTANT  PUT IN 262 AS THE SCHOOL CODE.  Test 2




Take the following test until you master it.

Finish Redesign

  1. Must have great banner
  2. Must have Google Map and a Form to submit questions
  3. Must be better than the original.
35 Tech Articles Due Friday. I have been giving everyone ample time to do these.  If you do not take a test on the day assigned  then it will be a FAVOR to you if I ever put this grade in.  Some of you do assignments after receiving a POOR score and then decide to work. This is not how it works. If you use a cute alias name like OBE1CANOBE  then do not wonder why you have a 0. Use your full name and period. IE  1st_Sean_McSheehy or 1st_Sean_McSheehy_OBE1CANOBE.
The majority of my test or Formative Tests. It is for learning purposes. It also means you can keep taking the quiz/test until you have a perfect score..**Make a RAP or song that has 20 lines.. You will present to the class your best 10 lines or ALL 20 bars!!
The topic of the RAP must be Web Design (HTML5, Java technology)You must have a an internet principle in the song.   Make sure that that principle is explained.Must have 20 bars
Should have  an order, rhythm , flow.
This flow or syntax you create must be EXPLAINED.. ie. eminem style
and then EXPLAIN why you like this style.
Read and watch the following:
See the following video for homework.

I wrote the following from this lesson.
I can write bars with a double word beat.
Triple trouble, its absurd , can you feel the heat.

What is the syntax?

I have a new Karoke system with Mic that you will get to use. You can get someone else to sing your rap but you must
produce a video that YOU have some part in if you do not do a live solo presentation.

**Notice that this project and the final CAP stone project can be done together with creativity and Hard work. You should have
a rough draft of your bars on Monday for me to check and 35 tech articles and your ALL of your tests on file.

FINAL Project..
End of the year capstone. Make a video that has all of your web page, projects in it. Should be at least 1 minute.
Should have pic of your Pyramid, circuits, rockets, maglift etc. You can take a picture of a chapter page that you like.
Explain the principle on this page you focused on.
Put your ten bars or 20 bar rap in the video..



5/4 Quizzizzz
368896  Class rules
146805 Forms

Practice Test   PreTEST


Certification Series

  1.  “81604” Hierarchy
  2. 73246  Vocab or tags
  3. 75543 Lesson 2 Review
  4. 45635 Lesson 3 Review


1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 5-digit game code 81604, and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!


Take the 30 question test again at the link below.
Once you can make 100 then take the practice exam at CIW.

30 Question Test!

Class Code Quia HMEGAB866

Monday 11_16_2015
Work toward completing all 10 lessons for Pizza Party Friday

Tuesday 11_17_2015
Work toward completing all 10 lessons for Pizza Party Friday

September 30th
Continue to finish Lesson 3 and work ahead to lesson 4.
You must have all green bars on your progress tabs.


September 22nd
Work toward finishing CIW Lesson 1 and Activities and Quizzes.


September 14th!

Do  the Blocks, Classes and Layouts.  Save them with these names!
Web 1
Wednesday 9/9

Finish Headings!
Save as headings

Finish Styles in HTML practice!
Do the Following:
Save the file as Styles


See the reference above. Make a table but put 7 friends in the table!
Points will be lost for just copying the code!

If finished
HTML Game!





Go here to print out your certificate!

Thursday and Friday May 14 and 15.

Make an animal website that is 5 pages and has a contact page!
Decide your animals first and put their names and pictures in your
tech article page under Animals after your 30th article.
Get their descriptions, unique characteristics and list this under their
name and pictures. You should have 2 pictures or more for each animal.

Decide what template your are going to use in dreamweaver as we did the previous 2 projects.
Make sure you have navigation for at least 6 pages! 5 animals and contact etc
Create the pages in dreamweaver for each animal.
Link the pages together!
Make an animal fav icon!

If you passed the cert then you can work on your store!
Add back links!
Work on Positioning SEO


1. Finish 30 Tech Articles!

go through all your web projects and validate the web pages to make sure that they are compliant. Here is source to do that!

The following is the registration process for CIW for Web 1 and Web 2

Choctaw Organization 262
Register for CIW Exam

Email Mr. Mcsheehy your user id and password with the subject:

You get a grade for registering and sending the user and pass to me! If I do not get the email then you do not get a score!

Know your colors!


Fourth Period

Second Period!

Second period Turkey Page!

Insert a picture and tell me about your spring break.
I need your name, picture, rocket and 20+ words about spring break.

20 points name
30 points your picture
50 points spring break

March 30th and 31st
Do your Tech Article Today (Label it 26-4) The 4 means last nine weeks.
Put your picture (small version) at the top of your tech articles
Underneath that put what you want to be when you grow up.
Underneath that put your favorite food.
1. picture
2. your name .. FULL
3. your job of the future
4. favorite food.

** This should always be at the top!
Review for Cert. Exam!! Counts for college credit!!

Test Reviews

March 11-13
23 Tech Articles
Make a survey
Click on the link for a review on how to make a survey!

Do HTML Review ONE and TWO until perfect!


HTML Review 2

Fireworks Animated GIF

Fireworks Drawings


Fireworks Drawings

Sign Up for CIW

Magic Wand
Pen and Marquee
Converting Image to Line Art
Photo Blur
Photo Montage
3D Ball Graphic
Paste Inside
Transparent Text Effect
Metallic Silver Text Effect
Rainbow Effect
Sunflower Art
Ring Around a Sphere
Blending Photos
Animated Text
Filmstrip Countdown

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